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A central point of contact with regular, clear coordination
First Level Support
Please do not hesitate. Every request also helps us to improve the system and our working methods.

The SAP Support homepage is a platform for the in-house information exchange on SAP reporting. Knowledgeable information related to SAP is presented centrally on this homepage. In addition to the training documents and SAP Online Help and SAP News, account management information such as technical support forms and contacts will also be provided.
You are our priority!
A team of 40 highly qualified SAP consultants is available for this purpose, who have successfully served more than 250 companies over the last 15 years. Last year alone we recorded over 10 successful SAP roll-outs.

A note box in which data of all kinds can be quickly filed and retrieved. This is what Scribble Papers promises. At first, the program looks very spartan. But once a small structure is in place, you realise the great flexibility of this little helper.

We provide you with competent and experienced SAP consultants for all situations in the life cycle of an SAP system. From planning, through implementation, to operations - on-site or remote - our service can be found where you need it.

Tools such as "Shortcut for SAP Systems" are extremely useful for SAP support.

This includes not only the connection of new sites and the introduction of new systems and functions.

SAP companies SuccessFactors and Ariba already have a similar level of support.
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