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Copying needs to be done skillfully
The Refresh
Today, thanks to tools for creating SAP system copies, it is possible to create such system duplications practically at the push of a button, and that too in a very short time. Even several at once.

Unicode conversion: During the copy, the system is converted from non-Unicode to Unicode. This happens in the context of a homogeneous or heterogeneous system copy. In connection with Unicode must be differentiated between the system copy of a Unicode system and the Unicode conversion.
Possibility of manual intervention in case of delta import
Normally, therefore, the target system is created using a copy of the production system. The advantages here are: After the initial setup, data is already available, and users receive a completely identical test environment. However, the disadvantages of this procedure are the high memory requirements, the lack of anonymization of the data and the long runtime of the copy process.

So much information... how can you keep it so that you can find it again when you need it? Scribble Papers is a "note box" that makes this very easy.

Tests are already worthwhile for the introduction of SAP solutions in the company and also for release upgrades and migration projects, the import of patches, customizing, modifications and in-house developments. A three-tier SAP landscape typically consists of development, test and production systems. In addition, there are often training systems.

With "Shortcut for SAP Systems" you get additional functions for the SAP system copy.

You must purchase all required licenses for SAP Landscape Management from SAP.

On you will also find useful information about SAP basis.

Companies with backup systems can use these for a client copy and thus save on the computing power of the productive system.
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