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Critical factor: Availability
SAP system copy and the cloud
The professional handling of test data is also important with regard to applicable data protection and compliance guidelines. Global companies in particular are required to take measures to protect sensitive data. They need to ensure compliance and reduce risks from data breaches, even in non-productive environments. Innovative test data management can protect data from internal and external misuse through encryption, among other things. Sensitive personal data is secured in accordance with current data protection requirements, while at the same time high test quality is achieved through realistic data.

Depends on the extent of splitting and the degree of parallelization. When importing, the limiting factor is often the index structure.
Import of delta statuses after SAP system copy / restore
Landscape copies refer to the update of not only one but a whole group of systems. This is the case when dependencies of the source systems are also to be mapped in the target environments. Similar to the simple system copy, the landscape copy also offers potential for automation, but this cannot be implemented by every tool on the market.

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With the definition of package groups, the parallel processing of packages can be configured beyond the definition of the order: All defined groups run in parallel to each other. For each group the parameters jobNum, taskArgs and loadArgs can be defined separately.

There is a useful product for SAP system copy - "Shortcut for SAP Systems".

Normally, therefore, the target system is created using a copy of the production system.

Some useful tips about SAP basis can be found on

To update the non-productive systems of an SAP landscape, the data must be cloned from the productive system.
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